Teach Me Bass Guitar Review 2019

Get the full bass guitar course online! [Update Fall 2019 – please note that since this review was first published that Teach Me Bass Guitar is no longer available in DVD and that they’ve also cut their prices in half.  This post is currently being revised and I’ve made notes where possible to keep things … Read more

Axe Bass Guitar Controller | Gene makes an Axe of himself

Hot on the heels of the first ever bass guitar controller for Playstation and Xbox is the Gene Simmons (bassist of the band KISS) Axe bass guitar controller. Read on for more about it. A few weeks back I wrote about the debut of an official bass guitar controller for the guitar hero and rock … Read more

Bass Guitar gaining popularity from video games

It’s rare that I get to write about video games and bass guitar together, but the recent news about the new Fender Precision bass guitar controller got me thinking about the bass guitar becoming more accessible with video games. The Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games have introduced classic rock songs anywhere from 30 … Read more