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  • Pro Bassist Interview: Discover how a professional bassist in London, UK handles the rigors of playing venues from Wembley Stadium to Abbey Road.
  • Beyond Bass Amp EQ for Beginners: Expanded content from the article that started it all. Get more live tips and learn how to prevent bass amp mishaps!
  • Knobs, Cables & Cabinets - Oh My: Get the low-down on how to navigate through all the gear to get to a fundamental tone that just works, gig to gig.

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Achieving a great bass tone is the combination of many factors like cables, strings, preamps, speaker cabinets, technique and hand placement. But there is still the actual room to consider! Get a crash course on how to get a consistent bass sound for any room.


Playing live is an art unto itself. Not only do you need to navigate any mishaps in real-time, you may have no say in the rig, your stage placement or may need  to use in-ear monitors when you'd prefer more low end. Get the inside scoop on how to handle it.


Onboard preamps, active electronics, signal chains, effect pedals, direct input boxes, amps, cabinets, rigs, roundwound, flatwound, picks, fingerstyle, mids and compression. Discover how to cut the complexity and work your bass, amp and pedals effectively.


Think you've mastered all things bass EQ? Is your bass sound awesome or abysmal? Are you ready for any gig or recording session? Take the included bonus Bass EQ Quiz to discover how you measure up as a bass EQ ninja!

About the Author: Mike Ippersiel

The founder of with 27 years playing bass guitar.  Mike has performed covers as well as written, recorded and performed original music as a heavy-hitting bassist in a hard rock band. He shares his hard-won experience plus tips and techniques "borrowed" from the pros.

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(The Bass Guitar Rocks article that inspired this course)

James Batzer

“Awesome article (wish I had read this when I first started playing)!"

Craig Phillips

“This is a fantastic article. I've been a bass player now over 20 years, and EQing has always stumped me to a point. What you hear on stage, is not what the audience hears. Tweaking the EQ is a necessary evil in the world of music.”

Mike Paulhamus

“This was a great read, and will use it's knowledge whenever I jam out. Thanks again.”

James F.

“Really good article, I think this is an area lots of bassists feel like they know what they're talking about, but infact have no idea and turn everything up to eleven.”

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