Bass Guitar Eq 101

Want to get a handle on your bass sound live and when recording? This post will go over the basics for mastering your bass guitar EQ in just about any situation. Figuring out how to equalize your electric guitar comes down to many factors that include your bass amp (covered in more detail in my Bass … Read more

Teach Me Bass Guitar Goes Digital!

bass musician magazine praises teach me bass guitar digital bass lessons

It’s hard to believe that almost 4 years ago I put up my first Teach Me Bass Guitar review of the 20 lesson DVD set. After sampling two of the lessons, I listed a bunch of pros and cons and left it up to you to decide if investing in the self-paced bass instruction course … Read more

The Richest Bass Players in The World – How Many Can You Guess?

Sting is the second wealthiest bass player alive

Being rich and famous is the dream of just about any kid that wants to become a “rock star”, but generally it’s the guitarists and singers who get the bulk of the money right? What about the richest bass players in the world? Are they truly rich or barely getting by? Well, I discovered an … Read more

Kate Davis is Really All About That Bass

Kate Davis smiling with her upright bass

I became acquainted with the tune “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor about six weeks ago when I co-worker shared me the Youtube link to the song. I listened to the song with some interest…being a bass player I’m “all about that bass” myself so the title alone had my attention despite the fact … Read more

Switching to a Six String Bass 25 Years Later

Bass gear diagram and infographic for Jason Raso

For musicians, their main instrument isn’t just a “tool” that they reach for to unleash music and melody upon the world – it also becomes an extension of themselves. When it comes to bass players, most of us tend to settle pretty early on a particular number of strings. Five and Six String Basses Come … Read more

Royal Blood Goes Beyond Drums and Bass Guitar

album cover for the debut CD from Royal Blood

Royal Blood is a two piece band comprised of bassist and lead singer Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher – but that’s not the whole story. There have been other two piece bass and drum outfits including Death From Above 1979 and Clatter, but Royal Blood pushes the boundaries of a duo little farther. If … Read more

Setting and achieving Bass Goals in the New Year

Setting bass goals slide cover for episode 10 of the basscast

  In this episode of the Bass Guitar Rocks Basscast, Mike and Jason tackle the topic of how to set and achieve your bass goals in the coming year. Jason and Mike kick off by catching up, and Mike catches Jason off guard with a mesmerizing display of technology magic (a.k.a he shares his screen … Read more