Teach Me Bass Guitar Goes Digital!

bass musician magazine praises teach me bass guitar digital bass lessons

It’s hard to believe that almost 4 years ago I put up my first Teach Me Bass Guitar review of the 20 lesson DVD set. After sampling two of the lessons, I listed a bunch of pros and cons and left it up to you to decide if investing in the self-paced bass instruction course … Read more

Bass Guitar Lessons Online with JamPlay (Preview)

Looking for bass guitar lessons? It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been playing for years – but most bassists eventually look into getting lessons of some kind. Even if you have a lot of talent, getting lessons allows you to tap into the knowledge of other players and their collective … Read more

Bass Guitar Lesson | Modes with Barry Bevan

I recently had the opportunity to hang with a happening bassist by the name of Barry Bevan. I first discovered Barry via doing a bass-only version of Led Zeppelins Kashmir on Youtube. Since Barry only lives about 20 minutes away from me it was inevitable that we’d hook up and talk bass stuff. For my … Read more

Teach Me Bass Guitar Free Shipping Offer

Get The Most Up To Date Teach Me Bass Guitar specials by clicking the banner below: How About I Throw In Some Free Bonuses for You? (read on) If you choose to buy from this Teach Me Bass Guitar coupon type offer, I’ll throw in these special bonuses: I’ll give you a copy of my Bass … Read more

Teach Me Bass Guitar Review 2019

Get the full bass guitar course online! [Update Fall 2019 – please note that since this review was first published that Teach Me Bass Guitar is no longer available in DVD and that they’ve also cut their prices in half.  This post is currently being revised and I’ve made notes where possible to keep things … Read more

Fingerstyle Bass Guitar | 3 Finger Plucking Technique Tips

Playing fingerstyle bass guitar takes a lot of practice compared to using a pick; you need to really sharpen those fine-motor skills to get your fingers coordinated properly. When you watch your favourite bassists or some dude on Youtube flying with their fingers – it can get pretty discouraging. Patience grasshopper. Nobody, not even Geddy … Read more

Bass Guitar Lessons

There are plenty of options available today for someone seeking bass guitar lessons.  Read on to learn about bass lessons and which may be right for you. It wasn’t all that long ago when you had to either take lessons from a teacher or play by ear along to records to become better on the … Read more