Kate Davis is Really All About That Bass

Kate Davis smiling with her upright bassI became acquainted with the tune “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor about six weeks ago when I co-worker shared me the Youtube link to the song.

I listened to the song with some interest…being a bass player I’m “all about that bass” myself so the title alone had my attention despite the fact that the music wasn’t quite my “thing”.

…and I did want to like it. It was an upbeat little song that was promoting a positive body image for women, but there were two things that weren’t working for me:

1) The song really had nothing to do with the bass instrument.
2) The music just wasn’t my style.

However, that all changed when I heard THIS version of the song by an amazing bassist by the name of Kate Davis.

She covers “All About That Bass” on an upright bass and absolutely nails it. Not to mention that she easily handles the vocals at the same time (and in my humble opinion) does a far better job than the original artist.

Check it out here and see for yourself

Yes, I know the name of this site is Bass Guitar Rocks and this song has nothing to do with “rock” at all – but Ms. Davis won me over with her amazing talent…

…and now from out of nowhere I’m developing little “bass crush” on her. It turns out that besides her great voice and bass chops she’s a multi-instrumentalist who also plays violin and guitar among others.

So hopefully you’ll forgive me and agree that Kate Davis is a talented up and coming musician with a ton of potential ahead of her. So I’m happy that she’s now on my radar.

Do you agree with me that Kate’s version of All About That Bass is better than the original? Have your say below in the comments!


  • I agree totally and understand the crush

  • Stumbled across this article whilst looking for AMP EQ advice aaannd now I’ve bought her album on iTunes. Thanks Mike

  • WOW! First of all, her voice is fantastic! She sang that song quite beautifully! And how bout that finger work near the songs ending? She was tearing it up! I say Bravo!!!

  • Totally agree. I’ve followed PMG for many years and have been a Kate Davis fan since she did the YouTube video.

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