Marketing 101 for Bassists

In episode 007 of the BGR Basscast, the main theme for the week is Marketing 101 for Bassists. Each week we talk about bass, business, marketing and lifestyle and attempt to throw in some humor and small talk wherever we can – but this week is a little extra heavy on the marketing stuff.

But there’s more that that.

  • We talk about Christmas gift ideas for the bass player on your list.
  • Toronto City Mayor – Tom Ford (Jason had a near-brush with the infamous major).
  • The infamous “bass polish” episode of Ultimate Basses (which seems to have been removed from the Youtube channel…do I smell a conspiracy or something?)
  • Not one, but TWO bass tracks of the week featuring the Beatles
  • Discover why Ringo was the “luckiest” Beatle

Sit back and watch the full Basscast TV episode with all the bass tracks and obscure references included (where possible) below:


Show Notes (things mentioned in passing on Basscast):