Bass Strings and Facebook Changes – Basscast Episode 008

Bass String episode of Basscast cover slide

This week’s episode of the Basscast with Jason Raso and Mike Ippersiel has just about something for everyone. First up we tackle the topic of bass guitar strings – you know you love ’em!

What strings do we use currently? What ones have we played over the years? What’s the difference between roundwound, flatwound and halfwound strings? Should you use nickle or steel strings?

Then we discuss the identity crisis that is currently affecting the show…would you believe that there are some other “basscasts” out there?

Then Mike deconstructs Jason’s Christmas Special, a sale that he’s using to sell his music online. Mike offers some tips on how Jason can sell more music that you can use too.

Lastly, Mike goes on a huge Facebook rant and warns everyone out there about changes they’ve made recently that make it harder for your audience to get your updates. What can you do about this? What should you do? How can you protect yourself and reach your audience without taking it to the wallet?

All this and the usual craziness in this week’s episode of Bass Guitar Rocks Basscast (the title for now).

Show Notes:
DR Bass Strings
The article that inspired the Facebook rant

The Violent Femmes


  • Jonathan,thanks your DVD has helped me a lot, hoeewvr I am still having problems finding notes on the upper range of my bass. I am studying your system Do you have any suggestions?Also I have been playing a long time the wrong way and am not trying to us the economy of movement . I can’t seem to keep the fingers down on the fretboard. Any suggestions??Skip

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