Bass Guitar Reviews

Why online reviews are often sketchy at best Many people are hunting online for bass guitar reviews and for just about anything associated with the electric bass, from strings to amps and everywhere in between –  you may even have ended up here at Bass Guitar Rocks because you were researching bass guitar necks or … Read more

The Trouble With “Bass”

Bass players out there have a problem with bass, and I don’t mean the instrument itself. I’m not referring to our role in the band; whether we grind out root notes or solo into the stratosphere, and I’m not even referring to the opinion of the instrument by the general public.

I’m talking about the actual word “Bass”. The problem doesn’t exist until you write it down, then our beloved instrument also looks like the name of a fish.

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Why Play a 5 String Bass

Have you ever been curious about making the switch to a 5 string bass guitar? I present several reasons why I think they’re the coolest – read on to see why. A little over a year ago, a friend of mine started shopping for his Christmas present – a new bass. He’s left-handed, and explained … Read more