Cliff Burton Tribute | 24 Years Later

Image via Wikipedia Today marks the 24th anniversary of Cliff Burton‘s death. He died at age 24, on September 27, 1986 – so that makes this particular year a little more poignant; Cliff has been gone for as long as he was upon the earth. Cliff Burton was a huge inspiration for me. Until I … Read more

Bass Guitar Neck Fingerboards

  Bass Guitar Neck Fingerboards and everything you need to know about how to choose the right fretboard for your next electric bass. When the opportunity to purchase a new bass comes along, many buyers – especially first time buyers – focus on the shape and colour of the bass, what their favorite bassist plays … Read more

Necro Hippie of Ash Lee Blade Interview | Part 3

BassGuitarRocks: How often do you change your stings?

Necro Hippie: I try to do em every six months – you can play for like a year with em you know. If you want a good sound and are cautious about (breaking a string). Not many bass players have a back-up bass, so I try to change my strings (regularly) and I do the intonation and action myself.



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Necro Hippie of Ash Lee Blade Interview | Part 2

Bass Guitar Rocks: Harris and Butler are instrumental in the songwriting of their respective bands, do you write songs in your current or previous bands?

Necro Hippie:  I did some writing on the second CD for Gutshot, and I wrote a little bit while I was in an Ottawa based band called Tidrake. The four songs on the Ash Lee Blade [self-titled]EP are written by myself and Ash.  I’ve also written or co-written up to eight other songs in our set.

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Ultimate Basses Interview with Dave | Part 1

[ad#post-ad] As a Canadian bass player, there’s a lot of cool instruments and equipment that I’ve only had the chance to see online or in a magazine.  Luckily, in the past few years there have been a few Canadian retailers emerging that specialize in bass-only gear. One such store is Ultimate Basses, located in Guelph, Ontario. I had a chance … Read more