Switching to a Six String Bass 25 Years Later

Bass gear diagram and infographic for Jason Raso

For musicians, their main instrument isn’t just a “tool” that they reach for to unleash music and melody upon the world – it also becomes an extension of themselves. When it comes to bass players, most of us tend to settle pretty early on a particular number of strings. Five and Six String Basses Come … Read more

How Do I Buy a Custom Boutique Bass Guitar?

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself how do I buy a custom boutique bass guitar? There are several ways depending on whether you want to buy one brand new or used. Buy your boutique bass directly from the Luthier The first way to buy a boutique bass guitar is to deal directly with the luthier, … Read more

Flea Bass Junior | Piece o’ Junk or Funk Machine?

The Flea bass junior somehow slipped under my radar until today, but I’m quite impressed by what I’ve seen so far. This electric bass is a short scale (ie. 30″ scale instead of the standard 34″ scale) that will appeal to anyone looking for a slightly smaller bass guitar that is cool looking and by … Read more

Squier Jazz Basses

There are two types of experiences that bassists love to experience and Squier Jazz Basses can provide one of them – want to find out what it is? Read on my friend! First, lets get the basics out of the way, Squier is the entry level bass and guitar line put out by Fender Instruments. … Read more

The Les Paul Bass

The Gibson Les Paul is not just for Guitarists When I first spied a Les Paul bass guitar it was in a Gibson guitar ad at the back of some guitar magazine in the early ’90s. Aerosmith had just released their Get a Grip disc and were all over the airwaves (and the Gibson guitar … Read more