Basscast Episode 4 – Playing bass for a living

Play bass for a living episode 4 of the basscastDo you want to live the dream of playing bass for a living?

That’s the topic of this week’s Basscast with Jason Raso and Mike Ippersiel.

Jason Raso has been making a full time living as a bassist for the last ten years, and in this episode Mike grills Jason on the details.

  1. Find out what Jason did until he was able to work full time.
  2. Find out where Jason’s income comes from.
  3. Find out how old Jason was when he decided to go full time.
  4. Find out how the style of music that Jason plays was part of his decision to go full time.
  5. Find out about the paying gig that Jason decided to walk away from in order to put his own music first.

Also, Mike picks the bass track of the week which just happens to be one of the very first bass solos in a pop song ever recorded. Can you guess what song it is and Who (big hint there) it was by?

Watch the full show to hear all of it for yourself and learn Jason’s “secrets” to playing bass for a living!