Basscast Episode 005 – Rush, Geddy Lee and other bass icons

Basscast Episode 005 - of Rush, Geddy Lee and other bass iconsBasscast Episode 005 featuring Jason Raso and Mike Ippersiel. In this episode, Mike kicks off a huge Rush and Geddy Lee discussion (with honourable mentions to Billy Sheehan, John Paul Jones, Jason Newsted and Tony Levin) about cool bassists who also might be senior citizens. Mike also asks Jason about the Geddy Lee jazz bass that he used to own.

Also – at long last Mike reveals the reason behind his love/hate tendencies towards Fender bass guitars.

Then things change a bit with a discussion about making a living as a bassist, building further on last week’s topic. Jason and Mike talk about having more than one income, job (un)certainty of today as well as knowing what and what not to do yourself as an independent musician, bassist and bandleader plus the benefits of hiring experts to do the things that you can’t or won’t do.


Show Notes:

The Anarchist (4th track off Clockwork Angels)

Malignant Narcissism