Basscast 001.5 Attack of the Tech Gremlins

Basscast 1.5 cover art - Mike hosts without Jason episode
This is the account of the ill-fated Basscast Episode 002, that was later renamed Episode 001.5 because Jason Raso wasn’t in on the recording and I decided to go solo.

I expand on Episode 001.5 and address a listener comment about giving a little more detail about who Jason Raso is, how we met and more. Special guests in this episode include “basically” (you have to watch the video to get that joke) and the tech gremlins.

I also offer up a bass track of the week featuring none other than Tony Levin on bass.

Check out the full show below – followed by the extras.

So what do you think? Should I go solo the next time me and Jason can’t synch up for a show? Should I feed the gremlins after midnight?

Thanks for watching and see you next time!