F Bass jumps into Bass Cabinet Market with 2x10H

A product shot of the new F Bass 2x10H Bass Cabinet
Who knew F Bass would also make cabinets?

Wow – is this just me or did F Bass come out of left field with this one?

I’m a huge fan of their instruments but didn’t ever think that they’d go so far as to build their own cabinets one day.

A while back they put out their preamp in a stompbox version which wasn’t a huge surprise since they were already building their own proprietary preamps and pickups for their basses anyway…
I’m not sure how I’d feel playing through just a 2×10 for hard rock music; I’ve always heard that a 2×10 is a pretty big compromise on the low end. Still I’d be interested to see how this little cabinet sounds. If it keeps up with the F Bass standard, I’m sure it’s worth a look.

Learn more about this new direction for F Bass at the Notreble.com website:

  • brian seager says:

    Mike …… have written to you before, with informative replies …. thank you. Currently playing through a Fender Rumble 75 watt (1×12) only now doing it for fun with a few guys, with the odd low key gig. Would anyone recommend a compressor unit. I am using a early 70’s jazz, with flatwounds. I do like the vintage tone …. McCartney etc …… thanks for any useful comments. Brian Seager.

  • If FBass is behind it, I’m sure it’s a fantastic cab. 2×10 cabs can be voiced a number of ways. I play through a TecAmp S210 that is plenty versatile to be used in nearly any situation I could imagine.

  • Hey Brian,
    I’m sorry that I don’t have a dedicated compressor unit that I could recommend. Most of the compressors I’ve used have either been built in directly to my amp or the as part of a multi-effect bass pedal. I’m not up to date on the more popular compressors for bass at the moment, so maybe a fellow reader can chime in and share some suggestions.

  • Hey Fretspot – thanks for the comment. I know that there must be something to the 2×10 besides the portability factor, since it seems like an increasingly popular choice for bassists; the technology of getting a bigger sound out a of smaller box just seems to keep improving. Just wondering what your experience is with F Bass since you seem to share my enthusiasm for their products?

  • Rick Sabourin says:

    I have one of these F bass 2x10h cabs and so far i have been impressed with it, I was using a Benz-Benz 4×10 uber cab with the streamliner 900 head which sounded awesome with lots of power, so the F bass cab has serious competition.
    it always comes to what you want to carry home at the end of gig…that uber cab can be heavy and it feels twice as much after 4 sets of music….that F bass cab is half the weight and size but still has that warmth. But having said all that, i am not sure i want to commit to the F Bass as my only cab, i have not done enough shows to feel confident that i will never need more.

  • Hey Rick, I was at F Bass a few months back and unfortunately…they’re not making the cabs anymore. Marcel Furlanetto recommended that I check out Aguilar cabinets at the time…so if for some reason that 2×10 isn’t quite enough for you to rely on solo, maybe an Aguilar will fit the bill.

  • Rick Sabourin says:

    I have had that f-bass 2×10 for awhile now, I have gigged many times and it has done all I expected and more with out any issues..I have always had enough power without even getting to that point where I say that’s it..

  • Thanks for the update Rick. As far as I know they’re not planning to bring the cabinet back…so you have a true collector’s item; the fact that it sounds great and does the job for you is just the icing on the cake! 😉

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