Basscast Episode 002 – Learning and the Bass Guitar

Welcome to episode 2 of the Basscast weekly (bass, business, marketing & lifestyle) with Jason Raso and Mike Ippersiel where we tackled the topic of “learning” and how it applies to bass guitar and life in general.

Basscast Episode 002

This is a big topic that will be a recurring theme of the show, but we lay the groundwork and share our experiences of learning how to play bass guitar and some of the mistakes we’ve had along the way.

This is the deluxe version of the show – so you’ll get to see any of the songs/videos that we talk about queued up right after the episode is over.

Show Notes:
Bassists look too bored on stage video (
Bass Player Magazine
Mike’s Bass String Experiment
(terrible editing job – sorry about that!)

  • Can’t get the whole episode to play….maybe ten minutes in at most before it goes to the “bassists looking bored”

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