Steve Harris Precision Bass Review Video

Iron Maiden at The Fields of Rock festivalI realize that there are a lot of Steve Harris fanatics out there, so I thought that I’d share this cool video that I found. It’s by the Bass Whisperer, Ed Friedland and it’s called Fender Steve Harris P Bass.

In the video, Ed puts the bass through it’s paces with a variety of basslines and also describes different aspects of the bass. He was a big fan of the thick one piece neck saying, “…in my opinion, big neck equals big tone”.

Some of the features of this bass mentioned in the video include:

  • Leo Quan Badass II
  • Seymour Duncan P Bass Pickup
  • “Ultra Cool” Blue Metal Flake Finish
  • Comes equipped with Steve Harris signature bass strings by Rotosound, which are surprisingly bright despite being flatwound strings.

Ed reminds us all that this is a Precision bass, so there are a range of sounds that you can get out of the bass. For those short on time, you can hear some of the different sounds Ed gets:

  1. Ed starts playing at 2:30 -some thick ‘barky’ fingerstyle bass.
  2. 2:40 “Great, clicky, muted pick-style
  3. 3:10 “Super chunky 70’s slap
  4. 3:31 “Super fat pumping blues”
  5. 4:02 Ed tries out a James Jamerson line on it.
  6. 5:32 – Ed playing “The Number of the Beast”

I think it’s pretty cool that Ed took the time to learn a couple of Steve Harris’ basslines to play on the bass; he’s obviously tuned in that fans of Iron Maiden and of Harris are going to want to hear Iron Maiden basslines on this bass – cool stuff. The Bass Whisperer is no slouch on the bass guitar and he even quips on how tricky the lines are to play.

I’m surprised he didn’t jam on “Run to the Hills”.

See for yourself why Ed gives the Steve Harris Precision Bass two thumbs up below.

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Interested in prices for the Steve Harris Precision bass? Click here.

Short of getting your hands on the actual bass, this Steve Harris Precision bass review video is the next best thing!