Fodera Monarch Bolt-On 4 String Bass Demo Video

This time Jason Raso gets his hand on a Fodera Monarch four string bass!

Here are some of the specs mentioned in the video:

  • Mahogony body
  • Bolt-on neck
  • Koa/Maple top
  • Indian Rosewood fingerboard
  • EMG P & J pickups.
  • Active/Passive switch

Jason then starts out by playing the bass with the pickups in the middle position. He then switches over to the P pickup and then the J pickup – playing some tasty bass lines.

The bass comes in pretty loud and clear, but it’s harder to hear Jason speak after the bass plays – probably because the mic is auto-adjusting between the louder bass (powered by an amp) versus the human voice a few feet away from the camera.

Again – as enjoyable as it is to hear Jason play (and I appreciate his melodic and funky bass lines) it would be even better to hear the same riff, run or scale in all three with the pickups in the neutral, bridge and neck positions respectively. At least for the people that want to get the full character of the bass in each of its different settings.

My sound is cranked and I’m having a hard time making out what Jason is saying towards the end of the video as well – unfortunate. I’m writing this on laptop which doesn’t have the best speakers, but I haven’t noticed this problem before. Hopefully as more of the videos are made Jason and Dave will spring for a lavalier mic so we don’t miss any of the insights that Jason is sharing with us.