Cliff Burton Biography To Live Is To Die Review

Title: To Live Is To Die: The Life and Tragic Death of Metallica’s Cliff Burton Author: Joel McIver I wanted to read this Cliff Burton biography as soon as I heard about it over a year ago. As a big fan of both Metallica and Cliff, I first picked up the bass to play along … Read more

Victor Wooten Bass Guitar Videos

If you’re going to look for a bass guitar video to learn some amazing tips on playing the bass, sooner or later you’re going to end up with Victor Wooten on your screen (or maybe Jaco). Wooten is an amazing player that seems to only get better as he ages, so I thought it was … Read more

Sting: Broken Music – A Memoir

[ad#post-ad] Title: Broken Music – A Memoir Author: Sting Summary: Believe it or not, Sting paid his dues by working in small clubs and song writing for years before he achieved true success with the Police. Besides Sir Paul McCartney, Sting is the most well known bassist out there. He’s starred in movies, lives in … Read more