Bass Guitar Rocks | Thanksgiving

Thanks for visiting Bassguitarrocks! (BGR) After posting steadily for a little over a month I thought it was time that I should write my first editorial, so here it goes.


My aim with BGR is to produce weekly content every Thursday, and I’ve been successful with it so far. However, this has come at the expense of some disjointed interviews, such as my interview with Necro Hippie. Parts one and two ran on back to back weeks and the third part was pre-empted last week by my Rush concert review. To anyone I’ve annoyed with this – I apologize. The third and final installment of my interview with Necro will appear soon.

BGR is one of two sites that I’m currently writing content for, and both remain part time passions versus full time professions – so I do the best I can with the time I have. Having said that, I am interested in hearing what you want to read more of. Gear demos are still in the works with no official ETA.

This weekend is Thanksgiving for Canadians, take a moment and think of everything you’re thankful for. I’m thankful for many things and on that list somewhere, is having this blog.

Thanks for reading.