Slingshot – New Album Preview by The Jason Raso Quartet

A photo of Jason Raso dressed in a suit with a four string bass looking bored.I’ve been listening to some great tunes by an amazing local bassist in my town by the name of Jason Raso. He’s the composer and bassist of note in the Jason Raso Quartet and they just happen to have a brand new CD called Slingshot that Jason was kind enough to slip me an advanced copy of about a week back.

Now I know that this site is called Bass Guitar Rocks and this music isn’t technically rock music, but what can I say? It still rocks! There are 8 terrific tracks and some tasty bass solos on here for any bass enthusiast to sink their teeth into.

Jason is no slouch when it comes to playing bass. If you’ve seen any of the videos I included from Ultimate Basses then you’ll see some of Jason’s bass skills as he demonstrates some amazing bass by the likes of MTD, Fodera and Spector.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the music so much I thought it would be great to hook up with Jason and pick his brain behind running the band, composing as a bassist, the gear he used on the disc (rumour has it that he recently purchases a purple -yes…PURPLE –  Spector bass that might even be featured on the cover art of the new album).

The new album by the Jason Raso Quartet is called Slingshot and it will be released this weekend on May 24th! Stay tuned for the official review of the disc and my interview with Jason later this week.