• Tony Armentano says:

    Mike: Love what you have done. I just got a 5 string bass guitar for Christmas. It is an Ibanez BTB. My first bass, purchased in 2004, is a 4 string Fender (Mex) P Bass for which I had the pickups upgraded. I have never played a 5 string before. I am 52 years old and I like all music. What are some of the good 5 string bass songs and bassists out there? Thanks for the help.

  • Congratz on getting your first fiver. It’s funny, as much as I love playing the five string bass, I don’t really have a particular five string player that I follow these days. In my formative years it was guys like Jason Newsted with Metallica, Dave Ellefson recently returned to playing five string basses with Megadeth, Rob Trujillo also seems to play mostly a five string bass these days. I’m sure there are dozens of others out there that aren’t coming to mind right now. As for particular bass songs for a five string – just about any song out there that requires a low E flat or D will work. One of the great things about playing a five string is you don’t have to tune to drop D or Eb across all your strings – you can just incorporate the fifth string (assuming it’s a low b here) and go from there.

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