Necro Hippie Interview Wrap up

After chatting with Necro Hippie of Ash Lee Blade, I checked my tape recorder, packed up my stuff and bid him farewell.  My band (Omega A.D.) was the next to hit the stage and I needed to get up stairs and prepare (You can read more about Molten Metal Mayhem 3 here).
An hour or so would pass after my set before I had the chance to witness Ash Lee Blade perform.  By this time, I had a few beverages on the go, and Ash Lee Blade’s eighties metal sound was welcome to my ears.  If you walked into the room at this  time, you might think it was the eighties and not the 2000’s (well – the audience members might tip you off what with the lack of mullets and spandex). Ash Lee Blade hit the stage with denim, leather, long hair and lots of attitude.

With song titles such as Kill 4 Heavy Metal, Loverboy and White Lite – you might think they’re making fun of the genre, but you’d be wrong. Onstage they take no prisoners; performing their music with a conviction that proves they don’t take themselves lightly. Highly energetic and engaging the audience at every turn, Ash Lee Blade are well worth the admission to see live – even if you’re not a fan of heavy metal.

Ash Lee Blade are going on tour in November with GOB, and will also be featured on Hamilton radio station Y108’s Get Hammered show on Oct 31 at 11:30(PM?).