Bass Gear Diagrams

Bass Gear Diagrams: your signal path at a glance

There’s an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and increasingly I find that I only have a deeper appreciation for visuals. So while I was creating a visual document to do with an online marketing strategy it dawned on me…

…what if I applied this to bass gear?

This is nothing new of course, I first saw these types of diagrams in the pages of Bass Player magazine decades ago – but I always thought they were pretty cool. And they visually summed up a lot of information at a glance…not to mention that they also looked cool!

So I reached out to my friend and bassist extraordinaire Jason Raso to see if he’d like me to try my hand at doing a visual diagram of  his live setup. This was the result:

Bass gear diagram and infographic for Jason Raso

I also added his logo and included his URL as a nice way to help promote his website. Jason was also inspired to do a bass rig rundown video where he talks about each element of his rig.

Not only does it look pretty cool, but I actually had a lot of fun creating it. So I thought I’d do one for myself – check it out below:

Bass guitar rig diagram showing the full signal path
I’m going to add the above image to my About page with some details on why I selected the above gear and how they all work together. It’s a much simpler looking path than Jason’s, which goes to show you how personal every bassists rig can be.

Still not finished, I also decided to do a “mash up” version that borrows from both my bass rig and Jasons – just to show how easy it is to modify these diagrams  This time I included a green F Bass BN5 – check it out below:

F Bass BN5 bass rig diagram mash up
Building out your own bass signal is part of the journey that each bassist has to make over the course of their playing career, whether they record, perform or just stay in the woodshed.

You can look to the sounds and equipment choices of your bass heroes, a local bass instructor (like Jason) or possibly even from top notch bass lesson dvds or digital trainings.

I put together two training videos that walk you through the entire process using only free software. If you’d like access to this training, just send me your contact details below and I’ll hook you up.

Don’t sit on this though. I’m planning on selling this training as a mini-course soon and it will no longer be available for free. So sign up now and check it out for yourself.

You can be an hour away from immortalizing your bass rig for all the web to see!

  • William byrnes says:

    What’s up….my name is bill…and I’m a beginner. …I have a 4 string bass and a ampeg amp..sound good….my problem is that I can’t seem to get that sharpe clicking or snap tone…like dave ellferson….now I’m not saying I’m gonna start playing like him…just exams of tone….so should I get an equilizer or tone pedal….any info would help…..thank u

  • William – are you playing with a pick? Using steel roundwound strings? I think that’s a good place to start if you want to get Dave Ellefson’s sound.

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