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Bass Player EQ Secrets

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Beginning where the Bass Amp EQ for Beginners article finished, this short course will give you the tips and insights you need to achieve an amazing bass tone from room to room and venue to venue.

Not only does the author share his own hard-won experience, but he also taps professional and acclaimed bassists (you may or may not of heard of) to share their best tips as well.

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Interviews 2 Lessons

Bass Amp EQ 101 interview

Duration: 60 minutes

This interview discusses live sound applications like in-ear monitors as well as best practices for managing your sound on the stage.

EQ Secrets from a London session bassist interview

Duration: 45 minutes

This interview focuses on the bass amp eq for beginners article and how a busy London UK bassist manages his sound live and at home.

EQ Tips for Live Performances 1 Lesson

Live EQ Tips Walk Through

Duration: 45 minutes

All-new content from Mike @ Bass Guitar Rocks that expands upon the original Bass Amp EQ post. This time he's diving into live sound scenarios and how best to handle the chaos that comes with situations beyond your control.

Test Your Knowledge 1 Lesson

Bass Amp EQ Quiz

Ready to test your knowledge? Take the Bass Amp EQ Quiz and see if you've got what it takes to apply what you learned on your next gig, rehearsal or session.