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Bass Amp EQ Guide For Beginners

A practical, step-by-step way to ensure you have a consistent bass guitar sound from room to room and venue to venue. This is a musician's guide to managing the chaos of live EQ - audio scientists and engineers need-not-apply.

DIY Bass Gear Diagram Training

Ever wanted to create a cool diagram showcasing your entire bass rig? Well now you can! I walk you through a step-by-step process to immortalize your signal path for all the world to see (or just your personal bass tech).

Bass Tips Videos

Here's a selection of bass tip videos that can help you get the most out of your abilities and equipment to become the best bassist you can be.

Earning A Living As A Bassist

For some of us, playing bass is something that we truly want to do full time. I've compiled some resources here for those who'd like to explore the idea further.

In this episode of The Basscast, I interview Jason Raso who is a bass composer and teacher near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is a real world example of a bassist earning a full time income as a musician.?


Who Are The Richest Bass Players In The World??

Earn A Living As A Bassist (coming soon)?

Recommended DVD Bass Lessons

Play Original Music? Find Out How To Market Your Music & Grow Your Audience (Recommended)

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